Delfino Fine Wines is a boutique wine importer and micro distributor. We offer rare, hand-picked, outstanding  bottles to the most discerning restaurants and retailers in Oregon, and to individual customers as permitted by Oregon laws.  Our bottles are sourced from library selections and exclusive cellars of passionate wine makers and collectors everywhere – from Oregon to Australia, Italy to South Africa, France to Argentina, Mexico to Brazil, Chile to New Zealand, Old World and New World – and provide the unique pleasure offered by rare finds and properly cellared mature wine, with a scrupulous eye on fair price.

For OLCC retail licensees: we have no minimum order requirements, will deliver orders as small as single packages of our fine bottles (mostly 3-packs and 6-packs), by white glove and quick delivery – we are proud of serving the best retailers in our NW Portland neighborhood and throughout Oregon! We are not looking to replace your current volume wholesalers and distributors – we complement your offerings and wine lists with a few rare gems for your most sophisticated customers and special events!

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For individual customers (not OLCC licensees): we are located in the lively Northwest District of Portland, at Willamette Wine Storage, and are available by appointment. Please note, in accordance with Oregon laws that apply to us as a licensed wholesaler, minimum purchase requirements are in place for individual customers – we have a 24x 750ml minimum, but you can mix and match smaller batches, or equivalent volume of BIG bottles! Sales need to be picked up in person (no deliveries to residential addresses) at our cellar, and are not for onsite consumption. With that in mind, we do offer GREAT VALUE when you visit our warehouse cellar for a “dock sale” – Think: start up or stock up your private collection, or buy a few more great bottles for special occasions, to share with friends and family or to give as gifts.

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Delfino Fine Wines is a wine importer and micro-distributor in Portland dedicated to advancing the availability and diversity of finely crafted and properly cellared wines for Oregon restaurants, retailers and wine lovers.  Fully licensed with the Federal TTB, Oregon’s OLCC and the City of Portland.



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